I obtained permission to cum today.

My fantasy was of a woman between my legs…

…and when I came, my thoughts were of Remus between my legs.

It’s good to cum.

I’ve reported in a text to Remus, as is our ritual. He likes to know how long it takes me to cum…

Before I could fuck myself though, I remembered that Remus’s work shirts needed to come out of the dryer. I ran down, tossed them into a basket, ran back to hang them up. No wrinkles thankfully.

As soon as they were safely stowed away, I was plunging in the toy. I worked one toy and my clit and then switched to another. I fucked myself interchangeably with them for a while and then let the orgasm wash over me. It felt so good.

It really felt good to cum.

Still laconic. Going to sit in the sun. Maybe I’ll take the sheets and towels off the line and wait for Remus to come home.

Remus coming home always makes me smile.

An aside…He bit me today at lunch before returning to work. He knows that makes me intensely hot.

I’m sure it was no surprise that I wanted to cum afterward.

Remus coming home really does always make me smile.

I’m grateful to live with him. He’s such a blessing.

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