An update…I enjoyed my weekend. On Friday we did some yard work. It was wonderful to get things more tidy. We watched a silly movie; Quantum of Solace, which Remus hadn’t seen before. We enjoyed making fun of the fight scenes. We lazed Saturday morning. It was lovely and after our lazy morning, we went to meet some friends for lunch and window shopping. I found a sexy dress sale for $10. It is a jersey material that’s basically mesh. It leaves nothing to the imagination. Very sexy. I had great fun wearing it yesterday morning to serve Father’s Day breakfast to Remus. Saturday night we went to a play party and watched our friends playing. We ate and chatted and watched scenes. It was fun. Usually, we would play too, but neither of us were in the mood to take part actively. We decided instead to be supportive to our friends and to enjoy being quiet. Yesterday we got up to go meditate, and when we came back we did chores and course work and then we had company. I was delighted to spend some time with a good friend and her daughter. She brought me one of those color kitchen knives I was raving about recently. She also brought me her cast off last generation smart phone. At some point this summer, I’ll donate it to a charity for battered women, but it will be nice to have a phone that’s not broken until I can afford to get mine replaced later this summer. I gave Remus a sugar scrub and a pedicure yesterday, as well as breakfast in bed, served by me in my new sexy dress. He also got a blow job and got to lay back and relax while I rode him to a climax. He got to choke me out too, which he really enjoys doing. I suppose it must be quite a turn on to watch a woman fucking and cumming for all she’s worth when she is about to pass out, knowing she wants to fuck you that bad and wants you to cum that bad…

So that’s our weekend in a nutshell…that and we’ve killed another bottle of lube.

It is good to fuck so much.

We have plans this week. Remus has taken a couple days off surrounding this coming weekend. I have a surprise coming to me. Remus won’t tell me what it is. I’m feeling excited to have that day arrive. Also my son is coming for the weekend. It will be really good to see him. It’s been such a treat to have time with him several months in a row. We’ve not had this much time together in years.

I am instructed that I have to get my homework done or there won’t be a surprise. I was instructed in front of my friends about this too by the way.

This amused my friends who pointed to my collar and giggled about how fun it is to watch me with Remus acting like Daddy. I didn’t argue; merely smiled and said, “Yes Sir.”

Remus makes amazing steaks on the grill..

Life is good.

I feel laconic today…More soon…Perhaps after I ask permission to play with a toy I’ll feel verbose.


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