Here’s images that have influence on my libido regarding objectification:

Very edgy for me. I cannot always do blow job objectification. But when I can, Remus certainly enjoys it.

I’ve never had anyone write on my face before. It would be interesting.

Lifting a skirt over my head would have a similar effect.

Very sexy. Very uncomfortable on the shoulders though.

Tied up and fondled but otherwise ignored. Hmmm…

Just…Wow…The only thing that would make that more humiliating and erotic is if they forced her to cum too.

So you see, humiliation and objectification play can be intense, push boundaries, and for those of us who like it, the play can be hot as hell.

4 thoughts on “Objectification

    1. You got to do the edible platter? Wow!

      You really need to do some more writing. Details! I want details! 🙂



        Wordy and a chronicle of what happened that night.
        Long and short of it the actual trigger which was not mentioned, has been feeling unloved and used by Muse the past year. An object for his pleasure without regard to mine…

        Would I do it again? HELL YES!

        I would love your take on what happened from an experienced outside perspective!


        1. Sweety, I’ll leave some comments on your blog. But I am so happy you wrote this. I think you should write a few more posts about it over the next few weeks. Continue to explore the emotions in it. It will be so important going forward. Big hugs…!!!


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