This past weekend, Remus somehow ended up doing most of the cooking. He made me breakfast Saturday morning. It was a yummy omelet. Mmmm! And then Saturday afternoon we had company and he did the grilling. He loves to grill, so he didn’t mind at all. He grilled again Saturday night, but I also did some prep work for dinner and then he took me to get an ice cream. Nice day in the nice weather!! We even cleaned his grill and his car afterward. Today on his way to work, he was happy that he was getting into his clean car to go to work…That made me smile.

On Sunday, I did the cooking, but not so elaborately. I made him a bagel and cream cheese, strawberries and juice…and we read in bed together. He had a paper and I had a book. When we’d finished, we got up and spent the day doing lawn care. The yard needed it badly, but since it had been neglected and it rained a great deal, it was quite long. When meant a whole day of raking. It feels good to have it done, but I’m determined now not to let it go again because it’s way too much work to do all that raking.

Anyway, by the time that was done the day was pretty much over and I had essays to write…and poor Remus had to do the cooking again. He was joking by night’s end that he was a subby because he’d done lot’s of dishes, laundry and cooking this weekend.

In view of our uncertainties about submission and power exchange, I felt all anxious about his feelings…

I reminded him that I felt like he was taking really good care of me. He is very solicitous and kind. He’s really supportive. When he does so much to take care of us both, I feel like he’s being Daddy to me…and for me, that’s a very emotional way of relating to me and one that I don’t feel dominant about. It’s a very nurturing, loving thing to do. I deeply appreciate him…and I feel incredible gratitude…

But…I’m really hoping to see an apron next time. Really. He’d look so yummy in it.

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