Nature woke me up today…that and my racing mind. I kept thinking about a friend I didn’t email this week and should have. I kept thinking about the dishes I needed to get done yesterday and didn’t. I kept thinking…I raced mentally and tossed physically. My restlessness roused Remus eventually. Mostly because his nature was waking him up too. When he came back to bed again, he snuggled in deeply. I babbled about what my head was babbling about in a husky morning voice. He pulled me closer and remarked that what I did instead was very important. And then he began to caress me. To run his nails over me. To gently spank me. To tug gently on my nipples. To kiss me. To hold me close against him. He slowly aroused me with his hands and then finally they sought my clit. He teased it softly for awhile and then gently put his fingers in me. He played me slowly, bringing me to a the edge of orgasmic crescendo over and over again before finally letting me fall over into the beauty of a full orgasm. Several times he did this…I was slippery, but not dripping when he rolled over on me, he continued his slow building lovemaking. He rocked with me until I’d cum some more. He rocked with me until he was ready and then we came together. I held him close to me while he recovered, running my hands over his body, hugging him with all four limbs. He kissed me and held me close too. Finally he rolled off me pulling me close into him. We cuddled a long while.

He had loved the raciness out of my head…and sleep claimed me again.

When I woke again awhile ago, I text him and said, “This morning was wonderful! Thank you.”

He text back..”Yes it was!”

I am so grateful he’s my partner…and I’m a very happy girl right now.

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