Remus and I have finally got to the point where we both feel ready to make a public statement of our feelings toward each other.

We’ve talked about it a few times this year, but felt it wasn’t the right time, or it wasn’t politic to do so.

There is something affirming about acknowledging each other to those in our community.

Mostly though, I just want to celebrate how I feel with those who know me well.

With that in mind, we’re going to change our Fetlife status. We’ve not talked about Facebook. I suspect it will take him awhile to do that. There’s lot’s of family involved there, including her children…but mine doesn’t include such folks, so it’s likely that I will make that change there when we get around to this general statement.

It is a big step. Then again, so was choosing to share a power exchange with a collar given. We both viewed this kind of exchange as one that really equates with marriage for us. So we’ve already made a big decision together.

It’s another one that makes us both very happy though.


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