Okay…First you can’t bend your brain along with me if you don’t read this article first.




K…You all know that Nymphadora and Remus are online personae right? If not, then please read the page link at the top of any page labeled with our names for an explanation of these online personalities.

Now here’s the rub. I’ve (Dora that is) had alternative online identities for years (more than one actually), as well as, a RL presence for personal and business reasons. The essay presents two very fascinating questions:

“What is Self when it functions as a society?”

“What is the Self when it divides it’s labors amongst its constituents?”

My first impulse is to get all Buddha like about this…but that may be just a bit over simplifying answers to these questions.

It’s definitely some serious mental masturbation and I don’t mean that entirely facetiously. It really is a koan in many ways…in others, I suspect that it’s meaningless once a person becomes deeply aware in the sense that Buddhists and Hindu speak about.

It will be very interesting indeed to write my response essay to the instructor who assigned me Turkle’s Essay to read. It’s certainly fascinating reading…but I still think I’m a bit ill equipped to answer these two questions at this juncture.

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