I love to write. It is a deep creative need in me, a force which must be satisfied and nurtured…Sometimes this need to write coalesces into a poem, a short story or an instruction. A few times into a book. I haven’t felt that urge to write a book or a short story in some time, but the regular need to write about relationships, about personal development and sexuality continues to feel compelling.

I have been pondering these questions I found in a writing prompt a few months ago. I thought I’d answer them today:

WHO: How do you identify yourself as a writer? Is it something you do for self-fulfillment, do you have a message to impart, do you write to make a living and is that different from other writing you do?

I write mostly because I feel a compulsion to express myself creatively through writing. When I am not writing for long periods of time, I can literally feel that some part of my essential self has atrophied, grown numb and listless. I identify as Writer, as well as, many other things. It is not the essence of who I am, but it is a natural outpouring, a natural expression of the Self. When I write something I usually do have a message to impart, if only to share an emotion, to celebrate life, to impart an experience. Sometimes a Message seems to consume me. When it does, I write it. It passes. I do not write to make a living. Perhaps I will some day. You never know.

WHAT: What’s your line? What subjects or themes do you return to again and again? What do you want to explore and impart to others in your writing?

Love is my line. I return to that topic over and over in a variety of ways. That line infuses more than my writing. It is my life purpose…to understand and express and share love, that is. Naturally this is what I repeatedly express in my writing, be it philosophical discussion, poetry, erotica, journaling, short stories…it’s even in my other arts.

WHERE: Nuts and bolts, here. Do you write at home, in an office cubicle, the library or neighborhood coffee shop? or all of the above!

I write in my mind…which is with me wherever I am. I’ve been known to compose during sex even. I compose all the time, wherever I am. The question seems to be about where my computer is though…It’s at home…though I’m apt to take my netbook with me and compose elsewhere too.

WHEN: More nuts and bolts. Do you write on a regular schedule? Do you find it necessary or important to sit down at the same time every day? Or does your life dictate that you write whenever and wherever you can find the time and inspiration?

I generally write in the mornings. Occasionally in the afternoons. I rarely allow myself to write between dinner and breakfast because I will write until I make no sense I’m so tired and I will lose (Remus? Are you paying attention to that? Psst! Dear reader, Remus complains about my spelling at times.) a night’s sleep over it. My muse and I have an agreement. Don’t keep me awake and I won’t keep you silent. I don’t know what I’ll do when I’ve got a 9-5 job again. It will be treacherous to write in the evenings. I hate to think what might happen if I was relegated to only the weekends for writing. Remus would never see me.

WHY: The real knitty gritty question. Why write? The answer comes from the “who” you are as a writer, but also asks you to consider the importance of the written word in our world today and for the world tomorrow.

Over the years of my private writing, I’ve come to understand myself through writing. I’ve noted important faults, fallacies, patterns and triumphs as a result. Over the years of my public writing, I’ve touched people. They’ve learned from my experiences, from my unique perspective and taken these to heart. I’ve inspired others to self reflect, to evolve, to be more fearless and transparent.

I suspect that in the next, say 5 years, some important idea or message will be of vast importance to me and it will consume my writing enterprises. I don’t have any idea what it is just now. What I know is a familiar feeling. When I can feel writing (translate this into “inspired idea”) coalescing in me, there’s a weight to it and  movement. It’s sort of like a centrifugal force inside me. Finally that energy becomes words that relate ideas and the composition takes form. I can feel a distant energy right now. I am not ready for the idea…When I am, it will step through me into being…and I will write it and let that carry me where I’m meant to go intellectually and creatively.

I feel an excitement for that moment…but I am not anxious for it like a child after a candy. Right now there are several things which consume me. I don’t have the time or the energy for this all consuming message for the world.

Soon though…soon.

In summary? Writing is one of those things which makes me feel holy. Having a message feels like a calling. I always try to answer it.

2 thoughts on “Writing Promptly

    1. *smiles* Oh please feel free to steal the prompt! I hope you enjoy it too. It’s nice to share writing with you.


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