Remus and I went for a ride yesterday. We brought some snacks, drinks and chef salads for lunch. We traveled down some roads he’s not been on in years. He enjoys taking me around VT looking at it’s beauty, helping me get to know this lovely state. I do really love it. I’m content here…though I feel a powerful need to travel. He talks of buying a bit of land, putting a pad, water and sewer on it and then getting an RV big enough to live in. We can park it and then travel as we like. Sometimes I think he’s scoping out spots he might like to own a bit of land…

We found an undeveloped road that had been blocked off to traffic to have our picnic. We munched and enjoyed the silence…No motors, no traffic, no yelling kids…Just the sounds of nature.

When we’d done, we fucked in the open air. After he’d made some lube that is. He often has to make me squirt a bit to get me lubed up for cunt packing…It’s my age…but I sure love to squirt, so that’s okay with me.

It sure felt good to feel the sunshine on my skin, and Remus’s cock inside me…all the while the birds were serenading us.

As we headed in the direction of home, we experienced hail and torrential rains. It was primal and beautiful. We enjoyed it…and then drove out of it.

Before arriving home for a wonderful nap together, we stopped to get a creemee and watched fluffy seeds wafting through the air and some kind of raptor riding the thermals surrounding the storm in the distance.

What a beautiful day yesterday!!

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