I have learned that I have Celiac’s Disease. I have been having trouble with my immune system for years. At one point, I even had allergy tests because I was having so many allergies to foods. In recent years I’ve had a recurrent rash on my shin areas. It lingers for months. It is often bilateral, which is a sign of Celiacs. I often have things happen bilaterally on my body. If I get a mole some place, it’s also mirrored on the other side of my body. Anyway, I have done the basic test to see if I have it, though not the extraordinarily expensive blood test. The simplest test to do is go gluten free for a week and then add it back in. If you feel better without gluten and get really sick again with, then you can assume you’ve got Celiac’s Disease. So…I did and I do.

Now I’m on a mission to find gluten free recipes. I’ve been looking for cooking blogs today. So far, I’ve found recipes for French breads, Whoopie Pies, Pizza and some resources for purchasing GF pasta…and sometime this week one of the blogs will be doing a bit on eating out gluten free. That part is what I am the most sad about. It is hard to be relegated to only salad each time I go out to eat…and likely not be able to trust the sauces and dressings. I have had years on my life when I needed to fast from other foods and found it hard to eat out. It was disappointing to never have anything more fun than a salad most of the time. It did cause me to discover Thai food though. I love Thai food and you can generally find things you can eat if you have many kinds of food allergies.

Speaking of which, I got all excited about the beginning of this one blog post saying that Dominoes had gf pizza. NOT! It was false advertizing. They could be sued for wrongful death some day if they keep that up. Some people are so sensitive that they could die from CD. Aw well…I am just grateful that there are so many more yummy products now than there were.  I have discovered some frozen waffles. I rediscovered my love of rice crackers. They taste of sesame. Yum.

The thing I once missed terribly during previous fasts from allergy foods is convenience and speed when I’m in a rush or on the road. That means that I have to make ahead things and freeze things now. It was the only solution before and it likely will still be the most economical solution now, even if there are some new fabulous and yummy foods to eat now in the stores.

It is not easy to start a whole new way of cooking. I will likely struggle for a few months to cook things in a new way and to find new products, but I am sure I’ll be in the full swing of things by summer’s end…especially when there’s so much help out there with these cooking blogs and cook books.

I think I’m going to have to add to my kitchen though. A bread machine is now high on my shopping list of course.

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