This is why Remus and I use the word cunt so much. I used to use dainty words like juiciness, play place, pussy, vagina. I still do…but Cunt pleases me. Remus and I play objectification games as a part of our power exchange. It is both a game…and a real role in our lives. It remains a game in that Remus and I bear in mind my humanity, my little girl emotions, his desire to reverence me as a special woman in his life, his needs to make love regularly, his need to express devotion with me and mine with him sans slavery. It is a very real role in that even in the face of these softer desires for each other, he remains in charge. If he wants to fuck me, how he wants to fuck me, where he wants to fuck me…when he lets me cum…when he makes me cum. That’s when it happens and not otherwise because I’m his sexual slave. Cunt is a good word for the holiness that’s in being a sexual slave.

3 thoughts on “Just for the Record

    1. Very true. The fashion and connotation of words shifts over time as well…and sometimes even meaning can change. Cunt is considered a very dirty word still…a very derogatory word. Nevertheless I like it.


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