Don’t you speak to me like that! I’ll thump you!

The cat and I are having a skirmish about bringing stuff in the house. By stuff, I mean live “play-things…”…er…Rodents! He might like to consider them toys…but I consider them grounds for war. There shall be no furry unwelcome guests running across my prone body! Nor shall I find myself stepping on something either still alive and still biting or dead and squishy gross when I get up to pee.

This is simply not okay!

Despite some stern rule setting about a recent chipmunk incident, the cat’s still at it. Night before last he brought in a mouse. Yuk!

He’s now pouting about having his self-serve cat window closed.

However, it made him determined to kill his latest toy off to prove his good behavior (yep! It was still loose and alive as of falling asleep last night). I found it just now whilst I was picking things up in preparation for sweeping.

Dead. Eeeew!

At least I didn’t step on it.

The self-serve cat door shall remain closed for the next week though.

I shall win the war!

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