We sat relaxing over lunch today. It was nice to have his company. He had just finished his meal and I had to, when I looked over at him expecting that he’d be bouncing up out of his chair to go right back to work. He smiled at me and watched my eyes for a bit, joking with me gently. Then he said casually, “Get naked.”

I blinked at him. It took me a second to realize he really did intend the command. I started to grin, figuring he was going to tease me before going back to work. I played along though because I love our power exchange. It delights me. He started smiling broadly and watched me take off my sarong. I stood naked before him and held me close while walking me backwards toward the bedroom.

I ended up on my back with my legs spread wide for him…and then on my knees. He made sure to tell me how much he enjoyed fucking his cunt while he was at it too…and enjoyed tickling me until I was wriggling and begging for mercy.

It was a nooner…and so naturally a quickie, but it wasn’t a micro quickie squeezed into his tiny lunch period, because he actually planned some time with me by signing out instead of dashing out for lunch like he usually does and getting back in 30 minutes. He laid and relaxed awhile when we’d finished fucking. I loved the cuddle time and seeing the love in his eyes. He was really enjoying surprising me.

I felt cherished that he took that time to be with me. It made my day.

Our time ended when he asked me to wash him up. It’s a little ritual he likes as the dominant. He likes me to get a hot wash cloth and cleanse his groin area for him while he lays back and enjoys my service. I love doing it for him. It is an affirmation of our power exchange.

It’s little rituals like that which make me feel like his submissive…and little surprises like this which make me feel special in his life. Thank you Remus…I feel so blessed.

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