Remus is playful. Very playful. Most of the time he is playfully aggressive. He will jokingly grab a handful of hair and hold me still to bite me or playfully shove my head toward his cock while he’s got his work clothes on. Occasionally, he’s just plain aggressive and dominant. This past weekend, he was fucking me…well…he was pounding me. He loves to do that and I really enjoy aggressive intercourse. Often, when he does that and he’s on top, I straighten my legs out. That accomplishes three things simultaneously. First it cups his cock more snugly and that usually makes him cum without much time passing. He knows I love to be pounded, but he usually does that because he wants to fuck me for his own pleasure, not mine. I could tell it was for his this time…so I was cupping his cock because I knew it would help him cum….even though I want lengthy intercourse in general. Second it causes his cock to rub a gspot that usually only gets attention when he fingers me. Despite wanting lengthy intercourse and knowing it would make him cum faster than I would prefer, I love to have these gspots rubbed because it makes me cum really wonderfully. Third, this leg position slightly controls the depth of his pounding so it bruises me less.

“Spread your legs! I want to pound my cunt as hard as I can!”

A deep sense of submission and arousal spread over my whole body like warm oil being poured in instead of on my skin when he said that in the way he said it. I immediately obeyed. I opened my legs as wide as I could and opened myself completely to the pain of his driving hard cock. Each thrust was like being poked hard with a blunt stick…and I loved each thrust completely.

While he pounded me, he kept muttering similar things in my ear, panting with his pleasures…”I’m gonna fuck my cunt. I’m gonna use my cunt…My…fucking…cunt.” He used his cock for punctuation for much of that muttering.Which only made me feel more submissive.

When he came it was like a blast of energy forcing its way into my body and heart. We both cried out with pleasure. He whispered how much he loves his cunt before rolling off me to catch his breath. He grabbed me and pulled me close to cuddle while the after shocks of orgasm continued to grip me…

I just love when he sweet talks in my ear…

I just love my cunt being plundered in such an aggressive manner.

I just love being His…

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