The weekend holds lot’s a busy. Tomorrow, we’ll be doing some much-needed errands…some of which bring yet another aspect of his relationship with his wife to a close. Others are a meditation, shopping for some fans to vent these rooms without having to use an air conditioner as yet and probably a picnic some place relaxing.

Saturday will be a busy one. We’ve got a house project we’re working on and I’m going to be trying to get started on summer course work. Some time in there, we’ll likely laze in the bed and watch a movie. We’ll have little or no privacy all weekend though because she’ll be here and she’s decided we just have to have a houseful all weekend whether we want it or no…

Sunday, we’ll be continuing with house projects…but I think we’ll be stealing away from the house too. I’m hoping the weekend isn’t unpleasant…but I’m not going to hold my breath.

Monday, we’re escaping here for the day. We’ll be spending some time with one of his closest friends and his wife, whom I’ve not met as yet. And likely just enjoying some time alone too. Hopefully, by the time we ramble back home here, the chaos will have come to a close and we can have some peace and quiet to cuddle up with.

Just a little over two weeks and counting until we’ve got the peace and quiet of the house to ourselves. We’ll finally get to clean that part of the house and get it into shape for being shown when it goes up for sale. We’ll get to use the entire house too. I’m looking forward to that. It will be really sweet to open the house up and use the space.

On a good note, a little one will have a birthday celebration and the happy grandmother will get to enjoy her family and friends here this weekend. It is important to note that. It’s been a good year in terms of this little girl and the joy she’s brought her family. I’m happy for them all…Very happy!

It’s only…my preference would be not to feel ostracized  nor have my space invaded as a result of her presence and the presence of her guests in the house…and to not feel there’s no end to the noise of her parties and hostessing. I’m trying not to feel hurt at her wish that I not be here. Given the circumstances its only natural.

I’m making the best of it in the mean time and putting on my patience and compassion armor and doing what’s needful and trying to have the most fun possible with Remus…but it does sometimes feel like a balancing act emotionally…that I have to do some choosing between what I’d like and what I need and what needs to be done or tolerated in order to keep the peace. Ah well…Shit to let go of. I’ve got two feet and perhaps the use of some keys to get me the fuck out of here if it becomes unbearable. There’s plenty of fun to be had elsewhere if need be.

To end on a good note…and there’s always lot’s of good notes with Remus…We’ll get to spend some time together and we’ll get some stuff done and I’ll have plenty of time while he’s busy with whatever part of the weekend I needn’t be involved in to meditate and do good things for me.

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