The steak and potatoes was really fun to eat…and so was Remus!

At one point, I rose up on my knees to kiss his mouth and my pendulous, huge breasts cupped his cock.

He grinned happily and remarked that he might have me go get the lube so he could fuck them.

I smiled and settled back down with my breasts propped around his cock. They looked like  two huge globes on either side of the base of his erect cock. He was enjoying that viewpoint so much, he decided to take photos with his camera.

Then he wanted some video.

I thought he was adorable in his glee about having images to enjoy later (and no, the photo above isn’t me, but the expression fits nicely certainly).

I cooperated with the process of picture-taking happily, but a little shyly, posing for the camera with my mouth enveloping him and sucking him very nicely.

He lovingly indulged my generosity with his cock with a hard, hard pounding of my cunt.

We exhausted ourselves fucking and took an evening nap before grilling started.

My cunt is very happy, Remus is very happy and our bellies are very happy too.

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