Usually Remus likes to have a beer while he puts a steak on the grill. It’s a favorite way to relax. Tonight I’m hoping I can interest him to try a new process for getting grilled dinners ready…A beer and a blow job…Then a steak on the grill…and on nice days, lazing on the green, green grass together while it cooks. Perhaps I’ll be rewarded for thinking up a new way of doing things later with my favorite. My favorite of all kinds of sexual play is intercourse. Plain and simple…and lot’s and lot’s of it. It’s my favorite because I adore the sensations of intercourse. I love to that initial plunging entrance. I love the building sensations of juiciness as I get really into the feelings. I love the feelings of fullness inside me. I need the sensations of the motion in my cunt. It’s an actually need. I start to feel frustrated if it’s been days since I had that experience. I love the sense of being opened and filled with his dominance and male energy. I mentally sink into my cunt when I’m being fucked. I love that experience…being in my cunt that is. It’s as if I am nothing else, but my cunt. I cannot help but direct all my attention to the visceral, primal interaction going on between his cock and my cunt. That too is an emotional need…to experience sexual interactions that bring this sense of myself into being.

One of my favorite things is to be penetrated just a few times…until I begin to cum, then a hesitation in thrusting and then another thrust or two which increases the intensity of my orgasm and then a little wait while I have most of it…but before I’m done, do the whole pattern all over again. This pattern makes sex last a long, long time…but it also gives me a chance to enjoy the subtleties of how I can orgasm with a cock in me. On the other hand, I love the intensity of being pounded hard, fast and without stopping too. I become a tightly fisted cunt, so tightly fisted that my whole body becomes an orgasm…a cunt in a very different way; a cunt that’s being used for the gratification of Cock…of Remus. I can’t think. I can’t breathe. I can hardly moan…and when I do get enough air to make a noise, I can’t be quiet. It hurts. It hurts in the most amazing yummy way to be fucked like that…So I am loud in my moaning enjoyment of being pounded. When I can get air.  I’m usually a full body fist you see. I can only curl into a ball and wait for him to allow me to breathe by stopping for a moment to catch his own breath… And even then, my body keeps jerking because it’s trying to catch up…it’s about 50 thrusts back still in response… I love to be fucked like this several times a day because it leaves me bruised and swollen and each subsequent fucking is more intense and more consuming…more painful…more cunty goodness.

Yeah…I really, really, really love intercourse most. And it’s absolutely best when being fucked includes both of these ways of experiencing being a cunt. (Well…these days Remus has taught me to love his fingers just as much because I feel like a squirty instrument he’s playing that’s completely in his control. So of course that means there’s another wonderful cunty good experience of myself during sex… But! It’s always, always his cock calls for my attention constantly)

Oh… Much of the time, I am remiss to mention that I often get exactly what I hope for in rewards. Especially after writing it here. For some reason, Remus is especially turned on when I write about how I want him to beat me, fuck me or make him cum. I think he loves knowing that you are reading it and he’s doing it. It isn’t always so…but often this blog is a facet of foreplay for us. It makes his imagination work…and then make a special connection with his cock… And then the fun begins. And often that includes whatever kind of rewards I was fantasizing about in a post. Remus is very generous you see… But don’t forget that my first original fantasy in this post in all this was that I want to hand him a beer and get on my knees to enjoy his delicious cock… Before he grills us our steak tonight. It seems like every night is a date night with Remus.

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