Saturday was a very busy, very long day. We got up early’ish and started in on a house project which needs to be done. Remus wants to sell the house he’s owned with his wife, so it needs it’s face lift to be ready for that venture…and for the new family who will live here. (It’s a lovely old house with lot’s of room and charm, so I’m visualizing that the happy new family will come along very soon after it’s put on the market finally.) Regardless, we were hard at work before 10am and worked until we ached and had to run out the door for our evening party.

We had dinner with friends before the party started. I got to watch Remus playing with a variety of other people while he demonstrated his knife play skills. He’s very, very good at it. When we finally fell into bed at midnight, we were both beyond exhausted.

Sunday we were both dragging our asses after such a long day. We let ourselves lay in bed all morning and read and fuck a little bit. Around noon though, we got busy. I cleaned some in the house and generally tidied from a busy week and then went out to work on the project. He got busy on the project right away. He was very industrious though and got much more done than I did. We knocked off around dinner time and went to grab a bite at a local diner and creemee spot. It was nice. We watched skydivers and listened to the children playing.

When we were finished we took a little drive and then watched the movie Moneyball. Interesting movie.

It was not a scintillating weekend in terms of sex, but it was sweet for us. We kept remarking how much we enjoy each other’s company.

Today I am still dragging my ass. I’ve done nothing but sleep and eat all day. But I did get up and fix Remus breakfast and lunch. When I saw his vehicle pulling into the drive way, my heart lifted and I felt myself smile all the way through to my core. He has that effect on me. I am truly happy to see him. He brings light into my life with his presence.


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