It’s been a very nice day today. I had breakfast with a former submissive this morning. It was good to see her. We’ve maintained our friendship. We meditate together so I see her pretty regularly, but not to talk to really. We don’t get much time together now I live an hour away, so it was nice to see her. We did some errands together and enjoyed a long catching up chat.

When I got home, I discovered that Remus was already home from work, and was puttering around with some fixit projects. I had thought he was still at work though when I text:

Nymphadora: On my way home.

R: Coolness!

Nymphadora: That’s not the proper slang! It’s Kewlness!

Giggling to myself…But wait! Remus is scowling!

Nymphadora: Sir…!

R: Nice recovery…I guess I wasn’t feeling very Kewl…

We got out the blanket and enjoyed the back yard for awhile after completing lunch and a few projects…among them some bondage stuff I’m setting up for the bed which should be fun.

We’ve got a party tomorrow night, plans to do some household projects in the morning and not sure what else for chores…but definitely we want to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Good talks over the green, green grass this afternoon…

Tonight, we’ve got plans for movies and fucking…followed by more morning fucking and breakfast sandwiches before chores.

Dunno what’s on the agenda for Sunday, but with Remus it is always enjoyable.

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