Our morning began with his fingers in me. I remarked that I’m quite dehydrated and he’d be lucky to get me even a little bit juicy. Of course he succeeded…No squirts out onto the sheets, but nice and juicy.

He mounted me this morning with the possessive declaration, “My fuckhole…!”and a grunt of satisfaction when he slid into me.

While he enjoyed his cunt, I rocked with him, cumming on his cock and rubbing and kneading  his back with my fingertips…moaning in his ear.

It makes me happy to give him a back rub while he fucks me. He makes happy noises when I do that. It makes me feel like I’m a luxury in his life to do that…

I like being his luxury item.

Eventually he settled back on his heels and pushed my legs over to the side, his indication to get on my knees so he could pound me. He was ready for his cum…

He jammed it in me and put me in a head splitting orgasm almost instantly. A few minutes later he came, laying across my back for a moment to catch his breath before laying down and pulling me over beside him to cuddle. He dozed, waiting for the “Get-the-Fuck-out-of-Bed” to go off. We were already fucking when his “Wake-up-to-fuck” alarm went off this morning. That was a nice thing…I like to lay and cuddle awhile after we have our morning service.When we actually get it on before that alarm goes off, we’ve got time to snuggle warmly in together again after making love.

And being his fuckhole is one glorious way we make love.

I like this power exchange…most of the time, I serve his desires…and he generously rewards me with attending to desires of mine when he’s ready…generally once or twice a week. I cum either way…just more when I get rewards. And our service exchange gives me a chance to deeply engage in the objectification that I have desired my whole life with the most loving, generous, safe man I’ve ever had the honor to serve.

He is responsive to me too. If I am anything less than enthusiastic, he gives me space to choose…and sometimes, when he feels it’s right, he presses his dominance and takes me even if I’m a little bit reticent. I need that…to be taken. Not all the time, but it reinforces and enhances my sense of submission to have choice removed from our dynamic…to not have the right to say no.

And now…off to serve him in a different way…A remodeling project I’m helping him with. Whether it’s fucking him, cooking for him, cleaning for him or doing house projects for him, I love serving him. It is a way to give my love to him in the most generous way I can devise. We both know that no one can give endlessly and he never expects that…He lavishes me with appreciation for everything that I do to express my love for him…especially when he fucks me. He finds some way to say and sometimes actually does say, “Thank you for your service.”

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