I’ve had this fantasy the past few days…

I’ve found two very special women friends. I’ve vetted them in all the ways we’d find important. They are a couple and are very attracted to Remus and I. They’d like to help me give him a just-because-I-love-you kind of gift. I plan the scene carefully. I wait until a camping weekend we’re participating in where just this kind of fun in the sun or moon light is fits in perfectly. We’ve all got dressed up in some fancy kinky fashion; heels, spanking skirts and corsets and we’ve been waiting on him hand and foot for a few hours. He’s loving the attention. And then we disappear for a bit and then ask him to follow us. We’ve set a stage for ourselves; a futon couch set in a Roman style reclining position and a comfortable wide easy chair with cushions…some soft music, a cold drink by his side. We stand with him in front of the chair. I approach him and ask his permission to perform for him. I tell him that I’d like his permission to have myself and my friends dance for him, strip for him, kiss him, suckle him, give him a taste of three pussies and give him a fucking with three juicy pussies…and that we’d also give him a show of kissing, suckling and fingering each other for him. We’d been considering them as play partners…he was definitely interested in them.

Grinning widely, of course he consents…and so I ask permission to unbutton his shirt…


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