A nice rainy day. We need the rain. The winter was so dry that rain storms, though not as much fun as sun, are a blessing. I like rainy days. I love the sound of water and wind together. Even the sounds of traffic changes to something more pleasant in a rain storm.

I am starting a book on transforming anger, fear and despair with the breath. It interests me because I am studying to be a Respiratory Therapist. For many years, I’ve enjoyed meditation and most traditions that teach or include a meditation practice in their spirituality include breathing meditations. I find them fascinating…and frankly, I’ve transformed my life with them. I’ve not done much reading on the topic though…and this is the subject of my summer’s course…and inquiry into whatever interests me. Well…this is what interests me, so I’ve bought some books byDr.s  Andrew Weil and Jon Kabat-Zenn who have both done some books on the topics of dealing with stress, pain and illness…Both teach meditation techniques in their practices. As MD’s this interests me and I think it leads credence to my own experience. I came from a spiritual standpoint to my conclusions about breathing meditations, so I want to study what doctors think about all this too.

I also discovered a book on a Buddhist Sutra which teaches about this transformative aspect of breathing, as I mentioned earlier. There’s a few other books my research on the topic so far has revealed. It is something I find relaxing enough that I’m even interested in beginning my studies during my vacation because with this course, it feels that I’m finally getting to work on something related to my degree…that I’m tangibly learning something that will eventually benefit my patience. Along the way, perhaps I’ll learn something more to benefit my own life. That would be just lovely too!!

So…I’m off for the day. Got some errands to do…Talk to you later…

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