Remus made love to me on Saturday morning. It was beautiful…Holy. Juicy. Emotionally juicy…erotically juicy. It made me greet the day feeling the life was full of joy and blessings…He asked me what I was thinking at one point. I told him that I was marveling at how skilled he is at pleasuring me…how relaxed I feel about surrendering to him. How generous I feel about our pleasures…He smiled.

My day was satisfying for lot’s of other reasons. I finished up some chores around the house that I’d neglected in the last minute crush with finals week at college. I completed all the rest of my assignments on Saturday afternoon after I got those neglected chores done. We retired to an early bed with a movie called In The Cut. Remus hadn’t seen it before. He liked it.

On Sunday morning, we got up and meditated. Nice meditation. Left both of us open and soft. He does not identify with the tradition we meditate in, but he finds it really centering…very relaxing. So he shares the time with me when I go, since it’s so beneficial to him and he can enjoy something I love so much too…So after breakfast and paper reading, he gets himself going for the day and goes out to meditate with me for a couple hours. Such a nice morning!

Afterward, he dashed home to change our clothes because we were attending the afternoon Vermont Youth Orchestra concert at the Flynn Theater in Burlington. I hadn’t been to the symphony in years. I was really excited. I must say that I was impressed. Really impressed. They had a skill level that could match many adult symphonies. They got and rightly deserved some standing ovations. They didn’t just try some relatively easy pieces and do them very well. They had complicated, intense and demanding pieces. They were incredibly professional, synchronizing movements even. They were attentive to timing and rhythm. These are not things that I’d exclaim over with an adult orchestra for certain. But some of the kids were as young as 10. It is incredibly impressive how skillfully they played. If I had closed my eyes, I’d not have known I wasn’t at a concert for a famous adult orchestra. I really enjoyed the concert.

We walked Church Street afterward. Had dinner outside in the sunshine. We did a little shopping in town surrounding the concert. We came home and watched a movie together. A historical movie with Cate Blanchette who played Queen Elizabeth with Clive Owen. Can’t remember the exact title.

Anyway…It was a lovely weekend. I woke up today with bird song and soft sunshine….and a great deal of gratitude.


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