I think that one of the most important things that I do in my life is practice enjoying my life. So many times people have the small happy experience- a fine meal, a nap with the cat, the enjoyment of the heated water on your skin in the shower, a good song on the radio -and they don’t really pause to enjoy that moment, to really savor it. I feel so grateful for my day just now. I woke early and enjoyed my breakfast time with Remus. I sat and looked at the green leaves on the tree outside my window moving in the winds after he left for work. My cat curled up with me for a nap and I loved our cuddle together. I got up and listened to music. I have been thinking about some inquiry I will be doing for some classes this summer. I’m excited about that because it will relate to my future work. I made a nice lunch for Remus and I. It was yummy. Sitting here now preparing to do some work at my desk, I feel happiness and gratitude bubbling up in me. None of these things were an earth shattering event. It was all just a normal moment…but that’s where happiness really exists after all. And you can’t really feel happy if you don’t linger in those normal moments of your life.

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