Burdocks. The cat got into the bushes and came in with burdocks. The little bugger is pulling them out everywhere. Long haired cats and burdocks are a messy mix. He thinks that teeth and claws are a fair response for pulling them out of his fur too, so I’m waiting for Remus to get home so there can be four sets of hands to deal with him about this. Perhaps he’ll remember not to get in to burdock bushes when I’m done with him.

Today it’s burdocks. Yesterday he brought a dead mouse in and left it on his plate for midnight snacks. He complained when Remus put it in the toilet.

It’s definitely spring when I have to argue with that furball about what does or does not belong in the house!

Even though he’s bugging me, it’s nice to see him enjoying being outside. He hates winter, so he gets a new spring in his step when spring and summer arrive.

Someone offered me two young cats who need a good home. I can just imagine the eye rolling, resounding “NO!” that would cause with Remus. I didn’t even bother to ask.

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