Remus and I enjoy a rather quiet style of life. Sometimes we only murmur quietly to each other for hours without radio, tv or any sounds at all otherwise…with the exception of laughter and cumming sounds…oh and spanking sounds. We love music. We love movies. We love tv news and educational shows. We don’t have to have something running all the time and even when we have company, we aren’t generally really loud. We are very compatible about loving a very pleasant, even contemplative lifestyle.

We’ve had about 10 days of real quiet and peace.  We’ve had a taste of how things will be when it’s just us in future.

We like it. Very much.

Some things I’d like to do when it’s just us? I’m avid to fuck in every room. I’m curious to see if we like similar things when it’s time to get some new furniture. I’m avid to do some entertaining that we’ve been putting off for lack of privacy and space. I hope for play parties, game nights and dinners with friends and family. I hope for the privacy to pursue having a play partner as a couple. I am avid to co-create a warm happy living space together.


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