Remus has a few projects he’s mulling over and organizing. He’s got some maintenance projects he’s either doing or planning for. He’s also got a project for our comfort. He’s trying to make it easier to cook in my apartment, which is part of his house. I’ve got a galley kitchen, but there’s not enough electrical charge to run more than one small appliance at a time and the refrigerator, so he’s working out how to get some additional lines run up here. It’s an old house, so it’s not so simple as it sounds, but we’ll figure it out. Regardless, I’ve made a purchase for a new double burner hotplate and I’m considering a rice cooker and a type of portable convection oven. He’s also thinking of how to vent cooking smoke and he’s decided to put in a range fan for this purpose.

I’ve been rearranging kitchen stuff and doing things at my desk today. I’ve got laundry to do along with vac’ing, sweeping and some general cleaning and the bed to change and remake.Giving things a dusting wouldn’t hurt either. Remus says not to change the bed yet though, because he intends to keep mussing it up fucking me…So I just pulled the covers up to keep the cat off my sheets and pillows in happy anticipation of more fucking. We’ve gone at it several times already this morning and we’re both avid for more.

It’s a typical Saturday for us.

I enjoy days like this. I like feeling productive. I like to see my home all tidy and ready for another week of busy-ness. I like that as we go along we’re both so cheerful and we’ll casually grab each other to cop a feel. Or he whispers cum commands in my ear or teases me about something. Or he spanks me or pinches my nipples or I rub his back…I like how we touch each other.

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