My son visited this weekend. It was a lovely weekend. Since it was a rainy, chill weekend, we didn’t feel like going out. We got some Redbox movies and stayed in. We got Iron Lady. When I was a girl, I really admired Margaret Thatcher. It was interesting to learn more about her. I hadn’t realized many things about her personality and her policies. I admire her both more and less after watching the movie. She was one of the most powerful women in the world in her time. Formidable lady for sure. Stubborn as hell too and could be vindictive and judgmental, and frequently unreasonable. If you didn’t see it at the theater, it’s well worth watching. We also saw a move called the Interceptor. I thought it was a really fabulous story. I love sci fi, so take that with a grain of salt if you don’t. I have to say, it’s one of the best written stories I’ve seen in a long while in the genre. I loved it and even Remus and my son, who don’t always care for sci fi really liked it also. Our third choice was the latest Mission Impossible movie which was recently in theaters. I have seen all the others and this one was by far the best of them all. There was actually more to it than special effects this time. I saw a little character development and there was some good comedy to it too. An enjoyable movie if you like that sort of thing.

Besides stuffing ourselves with yummy, healthy food, we napped a lot. My son is finally at the age when he appreciates a nap time again. He has taken a liking to Remus too, which was nice. Enough so he hugged Remus before leaving and invited Remus to visit also. I was touched by that…and the fact that he stayed a bit longer to play Othello with us. I had hoped that he’d teach Remus the strategies of the game which are rather subtle. We really enjoyed our weekend.

After my son left, I asked Remus for rewards. He grinned at me and set about spending a glorious hour or so making me squirt…and moan and pant…

Before taking his rewards…which is to get me to the point that I begin to beg…so that I’ll profusely beg him to fuck me…which he loves to hear quite a bit.

I really do adore feeling his cock inside me, so when he teases me by pulling out over and over again, I can’t help but beg him for fucking me…and thank him just as profusely for leaving his cock in me…and fucking me until he cums.

He loves it when I thank him over and over for fucking me too. I do that frequently actually. Last night was no exception.

I thank him for such complex reasons. I feel appreciative of his love. I feel happy that he’s making me orgasm. I feel grateful for his dominance. It takes care of a deep need emotionally and erotically. It is as much or more a gift as submission is. I am grateful for the dynamic and energy between us. It touches the core of my being and lights me up. I am grateful that the way he approaches me and his arousal is so much a match for my own…which is to become like a Sheila Na Gig. I feel holy…and also completely a cunt…in those moments, he’s got me begging and he’s used hypnosis to open me up completely emotionally, intellectually and spiritually, I am only that…a holy cunt….and nothing more. I am grateful that he wants that of me and that he takes it…because I need to be a cunt for a man. I need to offer it and I need that demanded of me. I need it taken from me. I need to be loved and desired and revered for being capable of it.

That he understands that and actually does revere and desire me for it is a gift to me…so I profusely thank him for fucking me…I am just a juicy cunt if he’s not filling me with cock after all…so I beg him for more of his cock because I need my juiciness to be filled with Him. When he cums in me, I feel I’ve fulfilled my purpose…which in those moments is to be a holy hole for him to rub off in…A hole filled with heart and soul. That he fucks all of me is fulfilling to me. After nearly a year of this power exchange, he’s been letting me know that he’s my Master lately. He expects me to fulfill this role of sex slave for him.  It feels like he is Master to me too. In his arms I feel well cared for. Protected and pleasured as well as used. That description feels rather romanticized…but it is the truth of how I feel.

2 thoughts on “Rainy, Happy Weekend

    1. Me too…It is wonderful after years of disappointments. It’s good to get to share the good stuff with you too, after you bearing witness to the hard knocks.


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