I want to feel a woman’s soft mouth desperately kissing mine. I want to feel her breasts pressed against mine, to feel her hands cupping my breasts, to cup hers. I want to feel her fingers tracing my curves. I want to feel her mouth and fingers greedy for my orgasm, to feel her panting to fuck me with her girl cock. I want to feel her cunny lips against mine while we rub off on a dildo together. I want to see her mouth wide and her cunt wide with Remus’s cock. I want to feel her holding me while Remus fucks me. I want to compete with her tongue to suck his cock. I want to feel the love and happiness in us all while we share each other. I want to watch Remus’s face when he feels the warmth of the love of two women and watches two women keep his house and serve his cock. I want the joy of dominating a woman and feeling her service me…to feel her massage me and watch her care for me as lovingly as I do Remus. I want a friend to share this joy with. I want to watch her cum. I want to enjoy her attentions to us both. I want to love her and be loved by her. I want to feel what happens in me when I trust her with my heart and with the man I love. I want to find out what happens in Remus when he feels safe to love two women.

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