I got into bed last night and looked around my bedroom. It’s been years since I shared a bedroom with someone until Remus. I wasn’t sure I ever wanted to again. I had come to like my own space and to be comfortable with being on my own. I liked my own company. Until Remus, I enjoyed the company of a man for a nice change of pace and for companionship, but I was always glad to have my space back or to go home when I was alone again. When Remus started to spend most nights with me I cleared out a drawer for him and made some room in my closet for him. I set up a night stand and got another lamp for him. It was fun to do that. I was tentative about it, but I still considered it my space.

Last night, after I got in bed, I saw his things around…papers, a lap top, his wallet, his slippers, his odds and ends on his night stand and I realized that I had come to see this room, not as MY room but as OUR room. I watched him taking his sweat pants off to hang in the closet. I remarked with great feeling, “I love to share space with you!”

He smiled at me with such warmth and came over, leaned over to kiss me and whispered in my ear, “I love sharing my life with you….”

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