Bellatrix left last night for the rest of the week. She’ll be back on Saturday because they are attending a kink event. Then she’ll be gone until mid-May. She’s going on a tropical trip with Malfoy and another couple. I don’t know how she’s affording to do that when supposedly she can’t afford to move out…but she is. For that matter, I wonder how she can afford any of the events she goes to. I can’t and supposedly she doesn’t earn much more than I do.

There’s more to say and be concerned for, but it seems not my business.

All that aside, I’m pretty darn happy to have her gone so much the next couple weeks!! She’s been pleasant enough lately…but she’s just incredibly, really sad or really angry and it’s hard to be in the house with her all the time. It effects my mood being around someone who’s so unhappy…It will be super really good to get a significant break from it. I hadn’t realized how hard it was to be around her until she was here for last two weeks. Until recently, she’s only been home a couple, maybe three days a week. It’s been that way for months…and some weeks, she’s not home at all.

After 24 hours with her gone, I already feel profoundly better…the house already is filling with a great deal of energy and lightness…

Oh…and I’m getting to go see Ginny tonight for creemees and junky Al’s French Fries. Should be fun…

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