The day is so beautiful! I feel full of cheerfulness…and gratitude.

Remus is home for the day again today. He’s been feeling sick. A head cold, but it’s laying him pretty low.

It’s been fun taking care of him…and also I’ve seen myself feeling grouchy, wishing for my own slave…and realizing that it’s just old stuff about someone depending on me.

He fixed me breakfast this morning, which I thought was very sweet. I got so sleep today too. That’s been so nice…especially since Bellatrix hasn’t been keeping me awake the past couple days. She frequently does…

I’m grateful for these moments when life is soft, even if it’s not always easy.

Got school work today and then more school work and more after that. There’s quite a few assignments to take care of. I’m ready for a morning nap already though…Did lot’s of processing today so far. Good stuff too.

3 thoughts on “Pretty Day

    1. *smiles* Me too…Big hugs for you my dear…You’ve been in my mind today. I am looking at your card with all the trees and the bench right now…*smiles*


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