We have a spot where we hang my collars beside the bed. It’s within easy reach of the bed. I generally come to bed in my day time collar. Usually, he reaches over to grab my sleep collar. The ritual is, to tug it snug and kiss me…I love that ritual. It really makes me feel loved.

About three weeks ago, he was doing some teaching and took out some items he wanted to reserve for only private use from the toy bag. He took out a paddle in particular. I really love paddles. I hung the paddle on the place where we hang collars, hoping he’d take the hint sooner or later and use it on me.

Obviously if you read the last post, you’ll note that he did use it on me very wonderfully…

{dramatic pause for remembrance}

Just as this lump of woman jelly was about to drift into sleep, I asked whether he’d take the hint, if I put toys on the collar post would he play with them?


I thought amusing him with a post would make a maybe into a yes.

Do you think it will work?

4 thoughts on “Hinting

    1. *smiles* I haven’t put it to the test as yet. I guess we’ll see when I decide to try it. How’s life?


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