I think everyone has a certain glint in their eye when desire tingles the naughty bits. I think every dominant person has a particular steely glint in their eye when the Sadist comes calling along with his buddy Desire. Last night Remus’s eyes were lit with the Sadist and Desire. I asked him why he was looking at me like that. He said, “Because I’m thinking about what I’m going to do to you…”


We negotiated a time frame for me to get some stuff done and then we hit the sheets naked…

He got out one of his sharps and traced my curves and traced his name on me…

He used his cum command on me, to put me in a deep state of submission and desire.

He put me over his lap and got out the lovely wooden paddle he bought me last fall. He warmed my bottom for a long while. I’ve no sense of the timing of it. It was much longer than a normal spanking session for us though.

Long enough that adjusting to relax my shoulders was needful. I adjusted my posture and found myself face to face with his cock, which I had to suckle on…and he got a good angle for fingering.

He wore out my clit…and my bottom. I was nothing but happy inertia, more than ready to fall asleep when he was done.

So then there’s the glint of satisfaction on his face…which is an entirely different kind of glint altogether!

He’s just the best!

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