I ordered a few things today that I’m excited about. I got a new set of measuring spoons. The last set I owned was my mothers. She had it when I was a child. It’s a very ugly set of aluminum spoons that turns black when using with eggs or vinegar. My new ones are very pretty. They are stainless steel and are magnetic with an end that’s useable for both wet and dry ingredients. The dry end is narrow for fitting into spice jars. Nice handles too!

Then I got some new measuring cups. When I split housekeeping with my husband a few years ago, he got all the smaller measuring cups. I got the huge one which is useless for measuring single cups or less. Again I wanted stainless steel. I like these because they nest and they have a great handle shape. The only thing that would make them more perfect is if they had a pouring spout.

I’m enjoying my ventures with replacing kitchen stuff.

The part of my order that’s kinky is the shibari book I got. I have talked to rope bondage enthusiasts. They all love this book. Yummy…

Other orders? I was ordered to fix his hair this morning. It gave me a chance to sit in his lap and touch him. That felt really good. Made me smile.

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