Bellatrix and I seem easier in the same house…but not in the same room. Remus and I are hanging out upstairs today whilst she’s down stairs with her paramour. We’re basically ignoring each other…though Remus seems comfy coming and going from both floors as needed. Life is okay here.

I’m headed out today for a poly potluck that our community has scheduled. We’re looking forward to that. I’ve made some pasta with an alfredo sauce with shrimp and corn. Hopefully folks like it.

My cat Mr. Norris has spring fever…very demanding lately and grumpy when he doesn’t get his way. Fickin cat! LOL!

Remus and I enjoyed our day together so far. He and I played a few times today…and we’ve done a great deal of cuddling. He’s been trying to get his motorcycle back on the road whilst I’ve been cooking and cleaning today. I had some spillage whilst making my alfredo sauce. That was time consuming because my cooking surface is not solid. It allowed juices to get down into the silver ware drawer. *sighs..* What a mess. I had hoped to get the laundry put away and my class work completed instead of doing all that. Grr…

Aw well. Getting into shower for poly night. Kisses!!

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