I sat in my chair last night watching Remus. He was laying on the massage table last night, all bundled in with a flannel sheet after I rubbed oil into his skin and used some shea butter on his feet…after I’d kissed him all over and rubbed love into his skin.

He’d been whispering in my ear each time he saw me yesterday…whispering about what he wanted to do to me…

I smiled at him and told him I wanted to kiss him all over touch him all over…that I wanted to suck him and fuck him.

He grinned and said, “Get all your work done so we can get out the massage table and we’ll work on each other.”

We got started later in the evening and so we only got one part of the trade done. When it was done, I watched my utterly relaxed man laying comfortably… and begin to snore and I knew it was time to pour him into bed. He was tired from a very long day and really so was I. It was very satisfying to see him so relaxed. I sure do love him.

Just before he fell asleep again in the bed, he remarked again with regret that he didn’t get to work on me…I suggested that he wake me in the morning for some sex.

Apparently, for the second morning in a row, I was sleeping so hard, there was no waking me up. He fixed his own breakfast and had a quiet morning to himself. No morning fuck either day.I love when he wakes in a mood to make love to me…to linger over our mutual pleasure. I love when he wakes up intending to use me for his own pleasure…Either way, feeling him inside me feels like the proper start to my day. I feel connected to him. I feel loved. I feel I’ve met my purpose in giving him pleasure to start his day…I feel I’ve done my job in helping him know that my whole being loves him and is at his service. There’s always orgasms in that experience between us and they aren’t just his.

Dunno what’s got me so tired, but I wish it would leave off. I’m horny! And I miss him…

I did remind him last night that we can get out the table again on Saturday…and there’s generally time for a spanking after work on any day too…

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