Relationships change. They grow. Sometimes they stagnate or become full of turmoil under the pressures of life circumstances. Sometimes people grow apart. It happens. It is something I’ve experienced before. The loss of relationships leaves an awareness that a new relationship can be lost just as easily as the old one was. I think that it leaves me with an awareness of preciousness where Remus is concerned. At this moment, we are still discovering each other.

I think my relationship with Remus is even more precious to me than others in my life because I’ve never been in one that I didn’t fantasize about things he didn’t provide

Except for not being the least submissive or the least masochistic…except for not being a woman…he provides everything I yearn for as a kinky woman.

How many people can truly say that about their partner?

I have never been able to say that and I’ve adored some amazing, wonderful men.

Remus is…Well my feelings go beyond words and the feelings start with marvelous…

My hope is that as life unfolds we keep our passion, our peacefulness, our humor, our joyfulness…I’m going to do all I can to nurture that preciousness.

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