A fantasy text:

Remus: ” What are you doing?”

Nymphadora: “Working at my desk.”

R: “Text me when you take a break.”

N: “Yes Sir.”

Thirty five minutes later…

N: “Taking break now.”

About ten minutes later…

R: “Go get ______toy in the bedroom. Bare just the bottom of your body if you’ve got any clothes on. Lube it and use it. I want 3. You have 30 minutes.”

N: “3 Sating or regular ones? I’m not sure I can have 3 sating ones in only 30 minutes.”

R: “Do it. Now. Report in 30 minutes.”

Thirty minutes later…

N: “Reporting 2 Sir. I’m still working on 3rd. My arm hurts. I’m sorry Sir.”

R: “K. You will leave the toy in and go back to work. I”ll be home in an hour. No slacking on your work.”

N: “Yes Sir.”

At Lunch…

The table is set with lunch and all is in readiness. Work at the desk has progressed well despite the distraction of sitting on the toy. Dora is kneeling, knees revealingly far apart, clad only in a tshirt because Remus didn’t tell her she could dress again, nor take the tshirt off. When Remus comes to the door, Dora cups, lifts and presents the hard, aroused nipples of her “porn star tits,” offering them to him silently. Dora then lifts her chin and presents her throat and a softly opened mouth. It’s the slave posture that Remus assigned her for such moments which reminds them both of the things Remus loves about her body; the things Remus loves knowing are his alone and which he especially enjoys using. The toy handle thuds juicily to the floor under Dora, still half inside…

I suppose that this is a good start. Who knows what he’d decide to do next? Perhaps order me to give him that last orgasm while he watches and eats his meal, then goes back to work? Perhaps he’d push me on all fours, pull the toy out, fuck me rapidly to ejaculation and then sit to eat while I get him a wash cloth to clean up? Perhaps he sits, pulls me over his knees an spanks me soundly for not cumming three times as I was ordered to do before doing any of these fun things. Perhaps he just watches me kneel there with the toy in, talking with him quietly while he eats his meal and then without acknowledging anything about my toy or posture, goes back to work.  Perhaps he does that but as he kisses me goodbye for the afternoon, he tells me I’m his good girl and he wants me to fuck myself until I give him his third orgasm and report back in, because he wants to know how long it will take me to get off three times. Perhaps after he leaves me untouched he texts me later with new delicious orders. Perhaps he orders me to give him a blow job while he eats, riding my toy in mimicry of the movements of my head. Perhaps he orders me to put the toy away, get dressed and eat lunch with him, forbidding me to touch the toy again today. Perhaps he asks me to beg him for what I desire…

He’s not the type to sit around fantasizing. He just goes with what’s in his mind and heart when I’m in his clutches.

I fantasize though. Frequently. One of the reasons for this blog is to share them with him…to excite him and inspire him. It makes him smile when I do that. He is inspired, but he always does things his way, in his own time table. It’s been six months since I told him that I’d love it if he would text me orders about orgasms. He eventually did it and we both enjoyed the interaction about it very much.

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