What things can we count on in this life? I mean truly, absolutely count on because they are changeless and inexorable? There are few things. We can count on the sun rising and setting each day. We can count on the tilting dance of the earth in out solar system that gives us seasons. We can count on the tide coming back in. We can count on bugs always being there. Not much else. These forces of nature are a part of life…but even these eventually come to an end, only our lives are so brief that we can count on the earth to always be there, holding us close and on the sun always making it’s path across the skies.

Loving and living ought then be open-handed if we are to be happy. Everything else will slip through our fingers no matter how hard we grasp it. And clutching our fist tight hurts. It always wears us out. It wears us down. We get discouraged because we can’t hold on forever…

Acceptance (though not complacency) is the secret to life…so is enjoying the moment just as it is. Complacency, the odd cousin of Acceptance, is to go along with what is happening with no enthusiasm for participation. When we’re complacent, we don’t really see what’s there, we just sit there filtering out what we couldn’t tolerate anyway because we don’t want to be deeply stirred. Real acceptance includes even that which we find difficult, abrasive, painful, horrible. Neither the wonder, nor the horror outshine or outweigh each other.

I have come to see this. I’m content with the sun and the earth and the bugs. Remus is the Ben & Jerry’s of my life. He’s the pork tenderloin cooked on the grill. He’s the snuggles in the night. His smile spreads humor into my life. His arms are like an altar we lay our hearts on…and the sun, the earth and the bugs envelop us both. I am happy because I don’t clutch him tightly. We will move through the changes the near future portends with love.


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