“In bodhisattva language, the definition of friend is the idea of a guest. There is a phrase, “inviting all sentient beings as your guests.” When we invite a guest, we have a sense of the importance of the relationship. Guests are usually fed specially cooked food and receive special hospitality. The life of a bodhisattva is relating with all sentient beings as guests. He or she is inviting everyone as a guest, constantly offering a feast. “

Chogyam Trunpa

There are times (generally that is with people who are determinedly mean to me) that I am not mature enough, strong enough, developed enough and am certainly not loving enough to treat certain individuals as guests.

There are even moments that I don’t want to become able to with certain  people.

The best I can do is to become willing to become willing.

I think it is extremely important to not be hateful though…to be kind and gracious.

If I want the world to be full of peace, then I must be at peace first.

I’m the only person who can make me peaceful after all…and the world can’t get there if someone won’t do it.

I put this  here as a reminder of something to strive for.

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