Remus: “How is your morning going?”tumblr_kvm5iymoLZ1qaw1mbo1_500

Nymphadora: ” I am very distracted with orgasm today.”

R: ” I don’t recall authorizing any orgasms for you.”

N: “You didn’t. I didn’t. I am just very distracted thinking about them incessantly.”

R: ” Well I think you should take care of that because you have many things to do today.”

N: “Yes Sir. Only it is now time to prepare your lunch. (N’s side note: I’d planned fish and chips for lunch. Almost no time left to make that. I’d have to scramble.) What do you wish me to do?

R: “Cum. Then lunch.”

(Wow! This is the first time he’s ever ordered me to cum. Grinning with happiness, I jump up with the phone in my hands testing…)

N: “Yes Sir….”

I walk quickly to the bedroom, around the bed to get to the toys that are on his side of the bed. When he took control of my orgasms, the toys were moved over to his side as was the lube. I don’t touch them without his permission. I grab a toy, pull it out of it’s protective cushioned bag and back around my side of the bed, where I’ll avoid getting any cum on the sheets where he sleeps. I drop my robe, my glasses and the phone and lay down, plunging the toy in. I fuck myself fast and furious because he made it clear he still expected lunch. I had only five minutes. I fuck myself fast and very hard for three of those five minutes, making my arm burn. Then I roll onto my belly so the bed supports my bum wrist as I press the toy hard on a gspot and play with my clit, hard and fast….thinking about him waiting for me to report to him….thinking about our morning fuck…thinking about him watching me cum right now if he were there….about him knowing I”m fucking myself and on the verge of cumming.

N; hard, fast, deeply satisfying orgasm hits me, just as he texts…

R: “I’ll eat here if you prefer.”

N: “No Sir, Please don’t. I really don’t want to miss lunch with you please?”

R: “Nice begging!”

I pee and wipe up. No other texts, so I get busy on lunch. A few minutes later, I have lunch mostly made. Not the lunch he was promised…Tomato soup and grilled cheese instead. Quick and he likes it.

He’s coming up the stairs just as I finish editing the last post about this morning as the grilled cheese are finishing cooking and all else is in readiness on the table.

He comes in. I publish the last post and get up to put the sandwiches on the plate. He asks how my orgasms went, grinning as he comes upstairs.

N: “I finished before I started lunch as promised.”

R: “Well that was quick. Nice job! You’re such a good little slave. Mmm…! Tomato soup too.”

Later we’re mostly done eating and we discuss our morning and his orders to cum with a toy. I remark that’s the first time he’s ever not let me cum…just used me…that he’s said no to my requests to cum. He sat trying to remember. While he did, I remarked further that he’s always let me cum at least once or twice…but he’s never just told me no…Nor has he ever not really let me cum while he was fucking me.I pointed out that the way he fucked me wasn’t how I cum deep and hard.

R: “I guess that’s true.” He seemed to be thinking about it, enjoying the remembrance and trying to decide how he felt about it.

N: “Did you like that? Saying no to me? Ending without really letting me cum?”

R: A deeply pleased smile grew on his face and in his eyes. “Yes. I did.” His tone of voice took on a quality that he has when he’s really feeling dominant and aroused about me.

N: “You’ve never ordered me to cum either, nor done so with a time limit involved either.”

R: “Nope I haven’t.”

N: “Did you like that?”

R: “Yes. I very much did.”

N: “I did too Sir. It made me feel very submissive to you. Thank you Sir.”

Remus didn’t answer me. He just looked at me and smiled. I could tell he really was enjoying the exchange. We both know that a steady died of this kind of exchange would eventually pall for me…but this is a spice that I am enjoying to the hilt. I’m very excited that he’s done all this and make it clear to him. We talked of other things for a few minutes. He finished his meal. I got him some dessert of his choice…A few pieces of chocolate.

R: “Would you like some?”

N: “Yes please.”

He breaks off a very tiny bit. Without batting an eyelash, I thank him prettily without any indication I’ve noted his joke or taken him to be miserly. He laughs out loud about it and hands me most of the chocolate after one small bite of his own. I thank him again, smiling at him, remarking, “You are really enjoying teasing me today aren’t you Sir?.”

R: “Yes I am.”

We kiss and hug several times before he goes, smiling all the while.He bites me very hard on the shoulder with his wickedly sharp teeth. It hurts…and it makes me cum. He knows it will. That’s why he does it. Smiling happily he lets me go.

I am so happy spending time with him. He’s lot’s of fun.

I feel sated emotionally. Mostly sated physically. Amused. Submissive. I”m sitting here in the rope collar he made me and naked but for a robe, which I’d served him lunch in. My life is a joy…I used to yearn for this. I gave up on it when I understood that it wasn’t really for me. At least not when I gave up. I needed to grow and mature and let it go…to be very comfortable with my independence about being happy. Once I did and fully embraced that I might even want and need to be alone without a life partner in my life, things changed. He was right there…within weeks of that moment. Truly.

What a blessing he is.

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