I woke with a busy mind this morning. Early. Immediately I tried to focus my thoughts on peaceful presence. I listened as best I could. When I’m too busy mentally, I like to run my hands over your skin, putting my focus on the interface between your skin and my hands, feeling the muscle and bones beneath. Long, slow, sensual touch…Feeling love and giving love in every inch of your skin. Every so often you roll sleepily into a new position that gives me new territory. Eventually, you’ll roll over so I can stroke your cock lazily, peacefully.

When  your body was aroused, your fingers found my button, stroking it delicately, listening happily to the soft noises I make. I open my eyes finally, seeing the sun has just risen and I look over at you, seeing you smiling at the wriggling I’m doing. I love that happy smile you get at watching a woman respond to you.

Eventually, you decide to mount me. Sometimes you like to just push toward your goal until my flesh gives way. That forcefulness arouses us both. Today, you were feeling gentle in  your Sunday  morning laziness, so I reached down between us and opened myself for you. You slid in me with a long slow stroke. God you feel so good! The soft morning light envelopes us as I envelope you. You rock slowly at first, wrapping your arms around me. My hands keep kneeding your back, stroking softly, then with my nails, then grabbing flesh in my orgasms. You groan and bite me. You raise your hips so the tip of your cock caresses the back of my cunt like a fingertip. I can feel the shape of it clearly. The top of the shaft rubbing gspots hard and steady…slowly… enjoying the grasping it causes around your cock.

Without speaking we enjoy the rhythm a long while…I hold my legs low to fully enjoy the way you are stroking me and to hold myself tightly around you. You decide to cum finally and lay relaxed on top of me. I wrap my legs around you, using my heels to rub the muscles of your lower back and buttocks. I wrap my arms around you and rub your shoulders, deepening the pleasant lethargy you feel in the wake of your ejaculation. We breath deeply together, enjoying the wonderful energy between us. When you feel ready to lay down, you tilt your hip and wait for me to stretch out my leg out of your way.

We twine together, enjoying the morning light and contemplating bacon, omelets and juice…

I think how peaceful it is to be with you as we linger over our breakfast here at the table. I enjoy watching you read the paper and listen joyfully as you share what you’re reading with me. There’s a bit in the review about an internet hacker, a local team lost their game, bears using tools. I tell a story about otters and sea gulls using tools…and that sea gulls will use team work to eat mollusks at low tide by flying over big boulders and dropping them for other birds to eat. I tell him about seeing a flock chase off individual gulls who won’t take their turn dropping mollusks for everyone else, pecking his head. “Pecker head”, he saids, “Is that where pecker head comes from do you suppose?” We laugh together. I finish this post and he continues with his paper.

Earlier he said to me…I love our weekend mornings together.

I do too.

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