Life sometimes is filled with the most mundane of things. Laundry, changing the sheets on the bed, fixing the shower stall so it’s more comfy and useful…And now I’m thinking about a bread knife. I know. It isn’t the most interesting idea in the world to blog about. I am nevertheless, enjoying the process of writing. I am enjoying that freedom, so I’ll blog about just about anything. I love to journal. I love creating writing. It is fulfilling to be doing both here.

About that bread knife. I did an amazon search. There’s quite a few to choose from. I could go shopping for one, but I really don’t enjoy stores most of the time. I have little time to spare right now too, so I did the search and figure it’s worth the same amount in gas to go get one at the store, so why not pay shipping?

I have a friend who has two of these colorful knives. I really love them. She bought a bread knife, a santoku and the serrated style. I got to use them last year a great deal because we lived together. They are fun, useful knives and seem to stay sharp and keep their colorful finish. I’m thinking about getting the bread knife. I have Remus’s permission. I decided to ask him. He didn’t say a word for a couple minutes and then he said yes. It was fun asking him. Did I mention we like to share knife play?

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