We’ve talked about various silly, racy, unusual things we’d like to try together. Here’s a few ideas:

  • Get one of those but plugs with the tails on it. He favors the fox tail. I like it too. I think it would look really sexy with a spanking skirt.
  • Go to one of those legal sex clubs they have in other countries and watch people fuck…and fuck openly too.
  • Give a deeper form of slavery to him…like letting him make financial decisions for me….letting him have complete access to all my money. He doesn’t want that at this juncture. But we’ve talked about it. I noted that when I spent some money recently on some things I didn’t discuss with him first, he got a tone in his voice that usually means he’s thinking I didn’t properly ask him first. It made me smile. He didn’t take me up on it, but it pleases me that he really does want that form of submission, but it’s not the right time for him.
  • Trying deeper levels of protocol like postures or rituals. He is training me to call him Sir most of the time. I like that. I’m hoping he’ll decide that he wants another formal ritual from me…but I’m also thinking about something someone said recently to me that I could just give him some ritualized protocol as a surprise and see if it’s something he wants again. It was suggested that this is the power I have as a submissive. Perhaps I will.
  • We have talked about getting one of those serving trays that is also a breast restraint. I’d love to serve him drinks and snacks that way.
  • Sometimes he teases me about giving me to another man to fuck while he watches. He implies that he’d pick the man and expect me to be used willingly, even eagerly. This never fails to evoke profound feelings of submission to him. The first time…and each time he says this it also makes my heart burst open with love for him because I realize how deeply he loves me and how strongly he feels dominant over me…how much he trusts that I’m truly his…It makes me think he assumes my obedience and trusts it. It makes me think he trusts my faithfulness and trusts that it’s his to choose how it’s kept. It is crystal clear to me how much he understands me emotionally and erotically too and I find that really erotic as well… And that’s all just when he talks about it. He’s not especially keen on sharing me with another man when it comes down to it. But he gets a glint in his eyes that makes me think that some day he will do it just because he wants to evoke that deep a submission between us…and because he might like to watch me be fucked when he tells me to.
  • Sometimes we talk about sharing a woman together. He gets a very happy smile when we do….but also a worried one because for me, this would be a very emotional exchange, not a strictly erotic one like it would be with a man.  We both feel some concerns that it might have a negative impact on our relationship and neither of us are the least ready to test it. Too many other things on our plate right now…but it is something I really want to share with him. In part because I’d like to have a submissive of my own…but for us this would be a venture into polyamory. We’re going to be slow doing that.

I suspect that in time we’ll try most or all of these though. Just because it is fun to do. Also because it makes us feel intensely aroused about each other. It builds trust in each other just to talk about it, but I suspect that doing these things together will likely make our love and trust very solid because we’ll do it well together and have a great deal of fun while we’re exploring.

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