He put a collar on me last fall. He made one collar out of rope which he braided into a beautiful collar. He took me to a local store and bought me a simple chain necklace for the other collar.

We have a little ritual. He puts on the rope collar for sleeping and for playing. Whenever he does, he tugs me close by the leash on it, kisses me and hugs me, whispering in my ear that he loves me very much.

Sometimes he calls me his baby girl…It touches me that he does that. He touches me very deeply.

I love to have his collar on. I feel the deep bond I share with him. I feel protected by him. I feel special to him.

We talk sometimes about the collars he wants me to have. He wants to get me a leather one and a leash to match it. He talks about making other rope collars occasionally too.

My favorite part about the whole collar thing? I want to be collared to the bed…to be locked into the collar and to be his to use. I dream about him leading me around by the collar. I dream about people seeing him dominate me…use me in front of them. I dream about my slavery being public among our friends. I want to openly belong to him.

Just now, our closest friends know, but we don’t demonstrate our power exchange among our friends. We are waiting.

I will be glad when that wait is past.

It makes my heart expand and a smile capture my face to think about sharing that with him. I want him to feel so proud of me…

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