Sometimes I am blunt. I am too blunt frequently. I still carry some anger from younger years and from a recent situation that’s hurt me a great deal. My temper flares and I bitch briefly about things. It is not my normal temperament when I’m at peace. I am usually at peace. Lately I’ve been feeling hurt and living with the hostility of a third party. That’s why he wants me to move…to get away from it. To feel relaxed again. At peace.

I have been thinking that I need to do some growing though. I want the words that I speak to be a flower of love and wisdom…not the weed of resentment, hurt and fear.

This is a prayer for me that I’m holding close.

The other way I wish to grow is to be focused and to take actions on my goals each day consistently. I am inconsistent…unfocused just now.

This is a prayer that I’m holding close.

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