I have some goals in my life…

I want to become aware. I speak of the awareness which Buddhists talk about.

I want to grow old together with Remus. I want our power exchange to continue to be deeply satisfying to us both. I want our love to deepen and be very fulfilling to us both.

I want to see my son happily married, growing older and making babies.

I want to earn a living I can enjoy the process of making.

I want to see the world.

I want to be venerable.

I want to have wonderful close friendships that get better and better with the years.

I want to dance…

These are the things that lead me into all that I consider holy.


2 thoughts on “All that is Holy

  1. II’m trying too gather my thoughts, i was in the middle of writing something while reading your blog, You ambushed me with your multiple posts, so i’ll comment in parts if you don’t mind. 🙂
    Your goals are commendable, as long as you understand life has a humorous side to it. And it’s humor may not be funny to you. We had a lot of the same goals you have when we first got married, but life threw some much at us at times, we thought we would never get there. But we have made most of them. Mostly because we found out that as strong as our love was, our friendship was the glue. Couple don’t fall out of love, they stop being friends long before the love leaves. My spouse and I are great friends, and that friendship made our love strong enough to survive life changes… Always have goals, and when you meet them, make more goals, because goals are the spice of life…

    peace and love


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