I think we can all agree that it is NOT a credit to one’s character to be:

  • Drama mongering
  • Stirring strife in order to feel better about yourself.
  • Ally- gathering to have your opinions confirmed.
  • As well, it does not score brownie points with me if I see someone betraying the confidentiality of a relationship (or a conversation shared within the bounds of confidentiality…). Not even when it has or portends to end badly should we break confidentiality. I feel you still owe former partners your silence and some mutual privacy as well! There is a reason, I don’t generally tell casual acquaintances whom I’ve dated and/or broken up with. It’s no one else’s business.
  • Gloating and running someone down to everyone you mutually know is hardly attractive either. It certainly makes me distrust someone if I see them doing that to anyone in their lives.

Acceptance of each other as human beings would be really nice.

Kindness, even in the face of our woundedness and losses would be really nice too…because vulnerability is grace and strength in action.

Blame is not.

And some fucking privacy would be really fucking nice!

Just sayin’…

And yes. I’m angry enough to speak my piece to Miss Bellatrix in front of the world!

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