Two streams of experience fill my mind today…

The sound of his breathing beside me.

The light streaming in my windows and touching my face.

The pleased smile on his face in the mirror as I stand there asking him how he wants his bagel prepared…smiling just because I got up to do something nice for him.

The moon between the branches gleaming cool, creamy white.

The smile on his face at my offer to pleasure him… which widens to a fond grin as he looks down at me from around his plate of disappearing bagel.

Purring sounds as my cat settles in for morning naps with me, his fur gleaming with moonlight from the moon set outside.

The heat in his eyes as, aroused and breakfast finished, we hurry back into the bedroom for his morning quickie.

The cozy warmth of our bed envelops me in peace, that glorious moon gleaming ivory and pink aura against the midnight blue sky, changed from its black color just moments before.

The feelings of dominance and urgency in his hands and teeth and cock as he takes his morning pleasure and my feelings of happiness at being there with him.

The shape of lavender air and ivory moon and deepest brown branches mixing together…a canopy of lace in the dawn sky.

The sense of warm, enveloping affection and wordless, overflowing appreciation between us as you catch your breath after.

The sounds of water from the shower mix with deep night sky, the moon just peeking under the curtains and my own breathing relaxing down with my book in hand, anticipating that nap to come, while I wait for your farewell kiss.

Your silly, slightly self conscious smile when I tease you about your earlier “This is the life!” grins at my offer of a morning quickie before work and the warmth of your hugs farewell…

The feelings of dreams washing over me even as the moonlight does and as my morning nap ends, I see dawn is in full view in my westerly window and rise to find rainbows in the eastern, the sun warming my skin all over…

The memories of our morning touching warms me just as much…It is a very good day to be alive. *smiles*

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